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I want to encourage my kids to delay cannabis use as long as possible. I want to give them facts so they can understand the risks, and why delayed use is important, without them feeling like I'm talking down to them.

Gabe, Parent of a 12- and 17-year-old

For Parents

Today’s weed is not the same as what you may have grown up experimenting with. The way cannabis is grown has changed, and some plants now have higher levels of THC. Potency has continually increased over the past few decades, going from ~4% in 1995 to ~12% in 2014.

Young people are using marijuana in new ways, like dabbing and edibles. Both can have extremely high potency and cause overdose. It can take between 30 minutes and two hours to fully feel the effects of edibles, and since edibles may also have higher concentrations of THC, the risk of cannabis poisoning is greatly increased. Dabbing, or heating marijuana concentrates on a hot surface to inhale for a quick high, is also much riskier since marijuana concentrates contain between 40-80% THC.