Youth Film and Art Contest

[CANNABIS] Decoded is partnering with the Directing Change Program to offer a fun way to be creative and win some summer cash!

Can you separate what is fact and what is fiction? Why is CBD supposed to be “good” for you, but cannabis isn’t? Are there different rules for cannabis if you’re undocumented?

There’s a lot of information out there - crack the code and get the information you need!

Create art, films, and more that can decode the truth about cannabis and explore the topic from different perspectives. Discover its impact on physical and mental health, relationship to racism, immigration, and social justice, and its connection to environmental justice. 

Learn more about cannabis and help others crack the code by creating films, TikToks, or other art that decodes the truth about cannabis and you could win up to $500 cash!

Special TikTok Challenge 

  • Create a TikTok that shares a #CannabisDecoded #FastFact from All TikToks created that meet the content outlined above will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card (One entry allowed per month).


  • Open to Youth ages 12 – 25
  • Participants are eligible to submit one entry per month 
  • Submissions will be accepted now through June 30, 2022
  • All Art Forms are Accepted! Poem, original music, short films, visual art, TikToks, dance and more!  

All TikTok submissions that meet the content outlined above will receive a $50 Amazon gift card. Other entries types (art, film, music, written work) will be judged for for first, second and third place cash reward at the end of June!


  • First Place: $500 cash
  • Second Place: $250 cash
  • Third Place: $100 cash
  • TikTok: All TikTok receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card

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